‘Toasted’ A toasty and toddy crawl

The joy of a toastie can be as simple as oozy cheese and the crunch of toasted bread. But when you add braised meat, pickles or your favourite hot sauce into the mix, the pleasure multiplies.

Thirteen bars and restaurants that know a thing or two about making magic happen between two slices of bread will take Melbourne to toasted-sandwich heaven on the weekend of White Night Reimagined 2019 (22-24 August 2019). Each venue has also created a winter cocktail for the weekend – their take on a Hot Toddy – to make sure you’re feeling toasty all over.

Take a break from the White Night festivities or take on the challenge of trying all 13 toasties and cocktails in three nights. After all, what better time is there for indulging than deep winter?

All venues will be offering toasties and hot toddies from 7pm each night, between 22 and 24 August 2019.

Scroll down to see what’s on the menu at Whisky & Alement or head to the Melbourne Food and Wine site for a full list of venues.

The black pudding toastie
at Whisky & Alement
Thursday 22 August-Saturday 24 August 

Drawing from whisky’s Scottish roots, just one bite of this black pudding toastie and you’ll be transported to the Scottish Highlands. From Haggis Nachos in Campbeltown to the classic black pudding breakfast, this smoky hot toddy combo is every Scot’s cup of tea. Designed by Whisky & Alement Bar Manager Lachlan Watt.