The second instalment of The Whisky Set has been hand selected by Whisky & Alement’s Brooke Hayman and Julian White, two of Australia’s most knowledgeable and well-respected whisky professionals. These four single casks will be released to subscribers quarterly and represent a range of flavour profiles based what we know Australian drinkers will enjoy from our many years of experience serving local whisky lovers. Set 2 features original artworks from Melbourne artist Angus White.

Set two, cask one

Release Date February 2024


Our very first cask for 2024 is a single cask from a Kildalton distillery that has been matured in an ex red wine cask, and bottled at natural cask strength of 62.6%ABV. This unnamed distillery is famous amongst Islay whisky drinkers  for its big peat and mineral character. We are committed to delivering all of our whisky at cask strength, including this peat bomb, and recommend chilling it in the fridge or adding a single cube of ice for maximum enjoyment. We hope you enjoy this ultimate summer whisky as much as we do!


Angus White, Green spear over oyster shells, 2023

Oil paint, charcoal and pencil on canvas

150cm x 150cm unframed

Tasting Notes

BBQ’d corn cobs and thick chimney smoke with hints of redskins and BBQ sauce. Hot sand and Sichuan pepper, salt on a sponge cake.

Dilution Guide

This whisky has been bottled at its natural cask strength of 62.6% . To reduce the ABV, follow the dilution tips below to find your sweet spot.


To reduce your whisky  to your desired ABV, add water to a 30 ml measure as per below:

50%abv. + 8ml      ~46%abv. + 11ml      ~40%abv. + 17ml    

Bottled: Sep 2023 ABV: 62.6%
Released: 2023
Bottles: 295

The Artist

Melbourne based artist and designer Angus White, uses painting as a way to capture the abstract occurrences of daily life through a visual language unique to him yet relatable to all. With a background in architecture, Angus blends an understanding of spatial composition and geometric relationships with a passion for contemporary abstract expressionism to construct paintings and sculpture that balance form and shape in a highly representational manner, leaving each viewer to find a unique connection to the work guided by their personal circumstance.

For each label commissioned for The Whisy Set, Whisky & Alement’s Julian White meets with Angus to taste the whisky, ensuring that each artwork is a reflection of Angus’ interpretation of the whiskies aroma and taste. For more about how the artwork is produced, head to our Instagram page for a full interview with Angus.

Keep in touch via Instagram @anguswhite._


In 2010, Brooke Hayman opened a small cocktail bar with her partner Julian White to serve the hospitality community of Melbourne. Both whisky fans, they began amassing a collection and priced the bottles to be drank, not to gather dust. Soon, sharing great whisky became the focus of the business, creating a hub for Melbourne whisky lovers. After 12 years in business, during which Whisky & Alement has built up an international reputation as one of Australia’s best whisky venues, and with a collection of exclusively imported whiskies and rare releases, The Whisky Set represents the next step in the evolution of Whisky & Alement’s mission to share great whisky.

The inspiration for The Whisky Set struck in early 2020 as venues and other public spaces closed, presenting a crisis for both hospitality and arts professionals. Brooke and Julian decided that combining their love of whisky with locally commissioned artwork presented the perfect opportunity for Australians to reconnect with the arts community. Australia was also missing a bottler of Scotch Whisky that represented Australian flavour preferences. Selected exclusively by Australian whisky experts without any guidance from third parties, The Whisky Set represents a new evolution of the Australian whisky industry.


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