SMWS June Outturn: We cut to the chase



The Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s June Outturn was released over the past 2 weeks during Melbourne’s 4th lockdown. Melbourne’s SMWS faithful missed their monthly preview tasting at Whisky & Alement. Cut to this weekend, and as Melbourne hospitality venues slowly reopen, we’re giving SMWS members a chance to regroup for the June Outturn with two June Outturn whisky flights, plus SMWS members receive a whopping 30% off for the next 10 days!


SMWS June Outturn Flight 1:

  • 15ml x SMWS 26.159 Chilled Chilli coriander cocktail 9yr 59%
  • 15ml x SMWS 128.14 Dark chocolate cremeux 7yr 61.4%
  • 15ml x SMWS 72.97 Royal nonsense? 8yr 62.3%
  • 15ml x SMWS 10.203 Day is fading west awa’ 14yr 57.1% Members

Members – $28.50
Non-members – $41


SMWS June Outturn Flight 2:

  • 15ml x SMWS 9.191 Granny’s kitchen on baking day 17yr 55.4% Malt of the Month
  • 15ml x SMWS 12.49 Is this the way to Amarillo? 10yr 60%
  • 15ml x SMWS 35.275 A desert island dr(e)am 25yr 59.6%
  • 15ml x SMWS 42.49 Dirty martini 13yr 58.3%

Members – $39
Non-members – $56


Available until Sunday 20th June or until sold out!




We couldn’t curb the excitement of these two gents when the June Outturn arrived last week. Owner Julian White, and Bar Manager Lachlan Watt glaze over tasting notes (why wouldn’t you when SMWS tasting notes are so well written!?) and “cut to the chase” with some fun loving opinions about eight releases from the latest outturn.


12.49 Is this the way to Amarillo? 60%  2nd Fill ex-IPA barrel

Distilled beer and whisky matured in an ex-beer cask are thankfully very different things. Distilled beers often have concentrated hop characters like toothpaste and perfume, however in this case the already fruity spirit is moved into the baked fruits flavour camp. Smells a bit like a showbag full of lollies. The hop character has been cautiously used in this case, adding to the oak profile.

Oak from the cask and pine from the hops, carefully balanced indeed.

~ Jules

9.191 Granny’s kitchen on baking day 17 years old 1st fill ex bourbon barrel 55.4%

Warm this one up on a cold day! Spirit from this distillery only really comes alive after extensive ageing and 17 years is just where our attention is sparked from this code.

Imperial leather soap and strawberry freddo frogs.

Solid amounts of timber mask the juiciness of the malt a bit but there’s loads of biscuity vanilla on show. Distillery 9 as is usual, clean as a whistle. 17 years in a first fill ex-bourbon cask is a long time, so expect all that comes with it.

~ Jules

35.275 A desert Island Dr(e)am 25 year old 1st fill toasted hogshead finish 59.6%

Defintely a desert island with lots of coconuts! This is just one big Bounty bar, the chocolate hits you at first… chew, chew, chew and chew some more. The initial hit of oak is like the first drop of a rollercoaster ride, clatter around the corner into a splash down of vanilla then finish off with jam donuts on your way home sozzled.

~ Jules

42.49 Dirty Martini 13 year old refill ex-bourbon barrel. 58.3%

If it’s reminiscing about Scottish fishing villages with salty pubs and those missed distillery tours you need then this whisky will take you there. Smells like mossy dunnages and really wet peat smoke. If you like saucy, meaty styles from the Mull distillery then try again. This ones all about sitting round the fire at the pub.

~ Jules

26.159 Chilled chilli coriander cocktail 9 year old 2md fill ex-bourbon barrel. 59%

Raw, fresh and vibrant. Reminiscent of standing in a field on a freezing cold, day; or cedar cupboards full of fresh linen.  Oak is used sparingly in this expression of distillery 26, adding a hint of sweetness to the malt vanilla milkshake laced with coriander and lime zest.

Quite a refreshing take on this typically waxy malt.

~ Lachie

72.97 Royal Nonsense? 8 year old 1st fill ex-bourbon barrel. 62.3%

Have I just wandered into an underground red brick wine cellar?

Pear schnapps, dry Austrian Riesling, and malo-lactic blanc de blanc explode out of the glass, taking me back to drinking on the street side in Vienna. I am taking my time with this dram, letting it warm up and oxidise, becoming grassy, yet fatty, like hot butter on warm pumpernickel.

~ Lachie

128.14 Dark chocolate cremeux 7 year old 2nd fill ex-oloroso butt. 61.4%

We don’t see much of this code, so I am immediately excited. 2nd fill oloroso butt too? Lets dive in!

Wow, the colour takes me by surprise straight away, lots of extraction at a young age!

The nose takes me back to my childhood; my father’s bread and butter pudding, alongside brandy butter and a brandy pipe full of green chartreuse. As it sits in the glass its reminding me of walking past Lune Croissanterie, with aromas of butter and dark chocolate filling the air. This dram warms up well on a cold day, becoming sweeter and richer. I find the balance of wine and oak quite pleasing; I think this was pulled out of cask right on time!

~ Lachie

10.203 Day is fading west in Awa’ 14 year old refill ex-bourbon barrel. 57.1%

A true definition of sweetie and peaty. The nose takes me back to the confectionary shop in Berry, NSW, after spending the day on the banks of the Shoalhaven River rock-climbing on sandstone.  I have to say, I love the spirit from distillery 10 in refill ex-bourbon casks, it really allows the spirit to shine, and retain its signature maritime and industrial quality. I honestly think I could drink this whisky any time of the day.

~ Lachie


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