Over the bar: What’s new in May

This is a list of new whiskies selected, tasted and released weekly by our passionate team. We put around 10 whiskies on the bar each week, so our menu is forever changing and evolving and includes a broad selection of new, vintage and independently bottled whiskies.

Here we bring you our tasting notes, and we hope they’ll inspire you to explore the world of whisky further, and give you some great ideas about what to look for the next time you visit the bar.

1. SMWS 58.30 Fresh and invigorating 8 year old 1st fill bourbon cask 60.9%, Speyside ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Banana paddle pop, grapefruit zest, black label lemonade, orange soda and foam bananas (Tokyo Banana?).

2. SMWS 30.105 Dolly mixtures in a washback 9 year old refill ex-bourbon cask 65.7%, Speyside ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: The butter factory, cheesecake, lemons and Fantails. A fresh finish with a prominent flavour of cheap advent calendar chocolate!

3. SMWS 7.216 Champagne and crepes Suzette 14 year old 1st fill bourbon cask 58.9%, Speyside ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Lime jelly with a finish of liquorice on the nose. Liquorice all sorts, choco babies, soapy, rose, pot-pourri, pink donuts and pink lady apples.

4. MacDonald’s Glencoe 8 year old blended malt whisky (Ben Nevis Distillery Release) 58%, Highlands ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Chicken roast, dim sims, honeycomb, Maggi noodles, and chicken salt. Cheap and cheerful! Finishes with burnt butter and pepper.

5. SMWS 93.108 Earthy and masculine 10 year old 1st fill ex-bourbon cask 58%, Campbeltown ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Black rock beaches, fishing nets, crushed scallops, roses, lime jelly, marinas and fresh sea water coated oysters!

6. SMWS 66.138 Deep, rich and burnt fruit 20 year old Refill ex-bourbon hogshead 52.4%, Speyside ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: New basketballs, dunlop volleys, jerk chicken with dry spice, black tea and pork glaze.

7. Barrel Bourbon 10 year old Batch #17 (blended bourbon) 56.2%, Distilled in TN, IN & KY, USA ★★★★★
Tasting Notes: Cherry cola, dill pickle, jersey caramel, cheese and bacon balls, red rope liquorice, yorkies, cloves, tart green apples and chinese 5 spice.

8. SMWS 53.284 Smoky, malty minerality 10 year old refill ex-bourbon hogshead 59.8%, Islay ★★★★☆  –
Tasting Notes: Chalky, lemon pith, fireplaces, milk bottles and sugared almonds. On the hot side. More toasted almonds to finish accompanied with smoked meat bark.

9. SMWS 29.260 A visceral, elemental experience 19 year old double oloroso cask 56.9%, Islay ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Fruit cake on the nose, resinous, brisket, cranberries, rooibos tea, hibiscus tea, cherry medicine, dragon’s blood and ham glaze.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Wed 1 May 2019

10. Method and Madness single malt limousine finish 46%, Ireland ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Tropical, vanilla, paw paw, custard, a light and creamy palate with a touch of youth, finishes with milk chocolate.

11. Longmorn 16 year old sherry finish 48%, Speyside ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Bread and butter pudding, creamed sherry and buttery on the nose. Not as creamy as expected on the palate with a hint of menthol moving quickly into nectarine skins, fuzzy peach skins, dry sandalwood and herbs. Sticky prune and warm toasted finish.

12. Macallan Classic Cut limited edition 2018 51.2%, Speyside ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Classic Macallan on the nose with pork crackling, fattiness, thick caramel and prominent sherry characters. Graphite, raw oak, wiht a hint of ethanol, cask and spirit could be better integrated. A hint of mint on the finish with toasted vanilla and earthy notes.

13. Miltonduff 10 year old ex-bourbon cask ‘Lamigo Monkeys’ by Whiskyfind 61.8%, Speyside ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Hot on the nose! Beneath the heat is lime jelly and starburst jubes. After an initial taste we immediately add water… more water… and then it becomes creamy on the palate with citrus and grassy notes become bready. Honey custard and cereal become prevalent with water but a little hint of heat remains. A gasoline finish.

14. Craoi Na Mona 10 year old single malt whisky matured in a peated cask 46%, Ireland ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: After our first nose we have flashbacks to Tyrconnell Irish whisky! Honeysuckle, bubblegum, delicate peat and melon rind on the nose. Seabreeze and a hint of fish on this deliciously light, creamy palate. Finishes with creamy vanilla.

15. Black Gate BG030 ex-sherry cask 53.1%, NSW ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Freshly tanned leather, tan bark, damp earth and clay, sweetness from the sherry and a hint of struck matches on the nose. Cacao nibs, caramel, burnt toffee and macerated strawberries on the palate. An astringent short finish of dry oak, chocolate, and clove.

16. Iniquity Batch #4 4 year old American oak ex-port cask 60%, SA ★★★☆ 
Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, balsamic glaze and Cafe Patron tequila on the nose. A sickening condensed milk (too sweet, too much), dulce du leche, Cappuccino in a packet, charred hazelnuts with bucketloads of tannin on the palate. Too much of everything in this whisky that could benefit from some balance.

17.Glenallachie 10 year old part sherry butt 63.4%, Speyside ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Hot on the nose, our first notes are “needs water”, cacao nibs, dry spice and herbal notes. Good dark chocolate gateau, leather tobacco, play dough and rich mahogany on the palate.

18.Kilchoman 100% Islay 6 year old 2018 release 50%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Fresh peat! Basketball rubber, fresh vanilla, burnt brussels, cucumber and chalk candy on the nose. Green notes continue on the palate with artichoke, fresh green almonds and a cereal forward yet light body. Finishes with a creamy mocha coffee.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Mon 6 May 2019

19. Nikka Days 40%, Japan ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Apple skins, pineapple and vanilla cream. Light on the palate with parchment paper, floral notes and mascarpone finishing with orchard fruits.

20. Royal Brackla 7 year old by The Ultimate 46%, Highlands ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Bubblegum and ripe orchard fruit on the nose. Soap flakes, cream cheese with a lovely spicy finish.

21. Loch Lomond “The Open” 46%, Highlands ★★★★☆  –
Tasting Notes: Caramel, toffee, musk sticks, green apple chews, jelly fruits, a hint of salt and apricot kernels.

22. Glengoyne Legacy Chapter 1 48%, Highlands ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Caramel and red toffee apples, damper, cinnamon scrolls, beef stock and pepper steak with a lingering green oak.

23. Loch Lomond 21 year old by Cadenhead 52.5%, Highlands ★★★★★ 
Tasting Notes: Oatcakes, runny honey, peaches and sherbet on the nose. Lifted and zingy on the palate, green and bright with fruit tingles and a hint of mintiness. Gingerbread and pink grapefruit on the finish.

24. Benrinnes 10 year old shiraz cask finish by Old Particular 58.6%, Speyside ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Dark dried fruits, red currants and sweet nuts.

25. Tobermory 12 year old fino sherry cask finish 55.19%, Isle of Mull ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Salt and mineral, white pepper, roasted hazelnuts and herbaceous.

26. Ledaig 12 year old Discovery collection by Gordon & MacPhail 43%, Isle of Mull ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Seaweed, pickle juice, citrus on oysters and ocean breeze. Super smashable!

27. Bowmore 18 year old sherry cask distillery hand fill 58.1%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Mahogany, leather polish, cuban cigars, cola, jalapeños and dark chocolate mole.

28. Tennessee 13 year old by The Whisky Agency 50.7%, Tennessee ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Coconut icing and buttered scones on the nose. Drying on the palate with fig leaves, coconut, scotch fingers, Bounty bars and Cherry Ripe bars.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Mon 13 May 2019

29. Glenlossie 24 year old ex-bourbon hogshead distilled 1992 by The Ultimate 46%, Speyside ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Floury green apples, Imperial leather soap, bubble gum, pot Pourri, cedar, cardomom, aniseed, soapy, fresh broken branch, tree sap, pastas and anise.

30. Deanston 11 year old distilled 2006 1st fill sherry cask by Signatory Vintage 64.6%, Highlands ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Melted Butter, Orange zest, soy candles, steamed corn, butterscotch, Bread and butter pudding, almonds, raisin toast, HOT and SPICY!

31. Teaninich Connoisseurs Choice distilled 2009 bottled 2017 ex-sherry cask by Gordon and MacPhail 46%, Highlands ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Shortbread, nashi pears, mocha, powdered sugar, lemon custard, butterscotch, hay, fudge, spiced banana, cinnamon scrolls and double cream.

32. Glenglassaugh Distillery Release (hand fill) 55.75%, Highlands ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Prunes, Praline, Salted butter, rubber, pulled beef, sourdough, pomegranate molasses, rancio, date syrup, fresh leather, vanilla and date pudding, slight cream, with a hot finish of cassia bark, hot caramel sauce and duck fat.

33. Edradour ‘Straight from the cask’ 15 year old distilled 2002 Barolo cask finish 55.5%, Highlands ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Sugared almonds, meaty, salted caramel, rose water, rosewater, Buttery, choc caramel chews, varnish, yellow flowers and roses.

34. Aberfeldy 12 year old distilled 1993 bottled 2005 by Douglas of Drumlanrig 49%, Highlands ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Old fur coats, Dusty, Kiwi fruit, Spiced oak, honey water, lemon pledge, bee pollen, creamy, Chamomile, Jasmine, flinty, cardamom, cheap lipgloss, oatmeal, drying spice, dried branches and charred oak.

35. MacDuff distilled 2008 bottled 2016 ex sherry cask by Coopers Choice 46%, Highlands ★★★★☆  –
Tasting Notes: Baked Apples, Yellow peaches, bread and butter pudding, butterscotch, peach sherbet, caramel biscuits, condensed milk, thick spirit texture, raisins, pineapple with a slight minerality.

36. Bruichladdich Valinch 31 Steven V. 9 year old ex Zinfandel wine cask 62.6%, Islay ★★★★☆
Tasting Notes: Oxidized wine; Marsala, grapefruit, shoe polish, lavender, biscuity, tonnes of orange, citrus pith, cinnamon with a hint of menthol on the finish.

37. Kilchoman single cask distilled 2006 bottled 2015 ex bourbon hogshead 57.5%, Islay –
Tasting Notes: Pears, Moss, Asparagus, petrichor, new car smell, rubber, vanilla, chocolate malt, toffee, cucumber sandwich and creamy caramel chews.

*On pour at Melbourne Whisky Room from Fri 17 May 2019

38. Bruichladdich PHD_135 Feis Ile 2016 50%, Islay ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Driftwood, marshmallows, subtle, browned fruits and caramel chews with a dirty finish. A 15 year old whisky with a PPM of 10.

39. Mars Double Cellars 5 year old Shinshu 47%, Japan ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Pink finger buns, red frogs, red apples, cherry blossoms, grassy, (damp cask?) and musk sticks.

40. Glenallachie 18 year old by Billy Walker 46%, Speyside  –
Tasting Notes: Dried apricots, fruit role-ups, orange blossoms and fake vanilla essence.

41. Ardbeg High Spirits ‘Islay 3’ distilled 2000, bottled 2007 46%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Very earthy, hot sand, custard tarts and mineral notes. A classic Ardbeg, sweet, intense smoke and carbolic soap. A rare bottling by an Italian independent bottler.

42. Bowmore Warehouseman’s Selection 17 year old distillery exclusive 51.3%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Mandarin and pineapple (hoorah for the fruit!), blackcurrant, gummy sweets, tropical fruit salad and juicy fruit cocktail. Exactly what Bowmore should be!

43. Caol Ila single cask 305646 Feis Ile 2010 cask fill date 19/8/99 61.9%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Mahogany, cola nut, chico babies and orange soda. It’s evident that this is from an exceptional european oak cask! Ends with cacao nibs and spent gunpowder.

44. Bunnahabhain 2005 Old Particular refill hogshead DL12519 bottled 2018 by Douglas Laing Feis Ile 2018 48.4%, Islay ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Pink lady soda, light and lemony, bright, honeysuckle and juicy malt with a gritty finish.

45. Caol Ila 7 year old ‘Musicienne’ distilled 2011, bottled 2019, ex-bourbon cask no.70 by Acorn 57.9%, Islay ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Citrus, vanilla cream, white sugar, sour fruit lollies and beautifully integrated peat.

46. Kilchoman single cask for Islay Cask Company Cask No. 695/2011 PX finish distilled 2011, bottled 2017 57.9%, Islay ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: New shoes, closed on the nose, coq-a-vin, meaty, wood smoke on the exhale, meat rub and bread and butter pudding.

47. Laphroaig 13 year old distilled 2005, bottled 2019 barrel no.56083 56%, Islay  –
Tasting Notes: Grana padano, strawberry powder, chocolate milk, condensed milk, rubber / neoprene with water, wet rainforests and waterslides.

48. Lagavulin bottled exclusively for the Islay Jazz Festival 2018 58.5%, Islay  –
Tasting Notes: Lime bitters, vanilla spice, raspberry jam and bitumen. Honey drenched oats, spearmint and burning green wood chips.

*On pour at Whisky & Alement from Mon 20 May 2019 in celebration of Feis Ile 2019!

49. Bruichladdich ‘Bellis’ by Islay Cask Company %, Islay  –

50. Bunnahabhain Moine Marsala Distillery Release %, Islay  –

51. Glenrothes by Thompson Brothers %, Speyside –

52. Linkwood ‘Frisky Whisky’ %, Speyside –

53. Ballechin 2007 by The Ultimate %, Highlands –

54. Bowmore 1995 by Wilson and Morgan %, Islay –

55. Teeling Rum cask %, Ireland –

56. Mars Komagatake Double Cellars %, Japan –

*On pour at Melbourne Whisky Room from Fri 24 May 2019

57. Kingsbarns Dream to Dram 46%, Lowlands ★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: A big, broad nose yet floral, light and fruity. Good complexity on the palate with green, spicy, apricot and buttered bake at home dinner rolls. Vanilla develops on the finish with vanilla panna cotta.

58. Overeem Sherry Cask 46%, Tasmania  ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Apple, middle eastern tagine, cherry cola with a drying mid-palate.

59. Glenturret Peated Batch 3 43%, Highlands  ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Aero bars, mango, mineral, ready and spoke pork crackle.

60. SMWS 113.19 Thyme for a Banana 7 year old refill ex-bourbon cask 62.2%, Speyside  ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Pineapple, Werthers Original, jersey caramels, prickly on the tongue, soapy and creamy with a hint of matcha.

61. SMWS 73.106 Nutty mint chocolate muffin 16 year old refill oloroso butt 55.7%, Speyside  ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Minty, wet suits, dank hops, almond skins, Butter menthol, and chilli. Sweetens with the addition of water. A chocolatey finish.

62. SMWS 52.23 Ice-cream and gorse by the sea 2nd fill PX finish 58.9%, Highlands  ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Pink finger buns, brandy butter, chantilly cream, bitey on the palate with a lovely spiciness and a finish of salty old bread.

63. SMWS 10.165 Sea, sand and soot refill ex bourbon cask 62.4%, Islay  ★★★★ 
Tasting Notes: Big boss musk sticks, plasticine, sea shell beaches, lavender, soap flakes and lolly bags.

64. SMWS A2.2 (Armagnac) Enchanted woodland stroll 44 year old French oak 48.8%, France  ★★★★★ –
Tasting Notes: Mesquite, blueberry pie, blue cheese sauce, cola nut, pepper steak, a mescal smokiness and earthly.

65. SMWS 66.145 Flambé away 21 year old refill ex-bourbon cask 53.8%, Speyside ★★★★☆  –
Tasting Notes: White chocolate, raspberry muffin, Cheetos, brussel sprouts, pear drops, burnt figs, BBQ scrapings, burning green leaves, karkalla and vanilla slice.

66. SMWS 53.257 (Malt of the Month) Restorative, relaxing and refreshing 11 year old refill ex bourbon cask 54.9%, Islay ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Rum raisin, vanilla, hints of new make spirit, lemon pith, green peat, melon juice, Japanese soft drink, seashells and raw green vegetables.

67. SMWS R8.5 Sheer opulence 13 year old refill ex-bourbon cask 68.4%, Nicaragua ★★★★☆ –
Tasting Notes: Sarsaparilla, sunscreen, cherry medicine, notes of ex-bourbon casks and aluminium.

*On pour at Whisky and Alement from Mon 27 May 2019