Lockdown Whisky Flight: “One off whiskies meet one hit wonders”


One off whiskies meet one hit wonders”


Music history is littered with people who made the public eye with one tune, but no more. We have all come to call these people, “One Hit Wonders”. We all know these songs, not because of the timeless artist, rather the artist is known for this one-off timeless song. From Chumbawumba, to Soft Cell, and the 4 Non Blondes, these tracks have shaped music history with the artists being left behind. So let us crack into some odd and unique independent whisky, and a few one-hit wonders.


Benriach 10 years old, ex- Foursquare rum finish by Asta Morris, 52%

Nose: Tinned fruit salad and fruit tingles lead the nose, which is swiftly followed by the classic spicy malt character of Benriach. After some time we get buttered English muffins. Pineapple lumps come off the bottom of the glass, and fresh pancakes with lemon zest. Tinned peaches come back around after a couple of drops of water.

Palate: Very bready on the front palate, buttery pancakes, that English muffin note comes back around from the nose. Memories of watching Mike Myers as the Grinch while eating Pineapple Lumps and Clinkers. On the mid to back palate, it gradually dries out to that classic spicy Benriach character, with some extra notes of fresh, tart green apples and apricot kernels.

Finish: Pineapple skins and candied ginger.


  • Song: Tubthumping
  • Album: Tubthumper
  • Artist:Chumbawumba


SMWS 143.1 “Sea buckthorn tea with honey” 3 years old, New oak barrel #2 char level, 66.1%

Nose: I wake up in the morning, and I step outside, then I eat some cinnamon spiced raisin toast, and I scream from the top of my lungs, “Can I get some pomegranate tea with honey?!”. Turkish delight and white chocolate come around after some time in the glass. The note of Iced Vovo’s bring be back every single time.

Palate: And I said, heyayeyayyyayy, heyayeyayyyayy, I said hey, is that cranberries? After some time in glass the front palate becomes very bready, like hot cross buns. On the mid palate we get loads of earl grey tea and lychee. On the back palate we get white marshmallows and shortbread. A fun journey.

Finish: Lychee and Turkish delight.


  • Song:  Whats Up?
  • Album: Bigger, Better, Faster, More!
  • Artist: 4 Non Blondes


Blair Athol 12 years old, 1st fill ex-Amontillado hogshead finish by James Eadie, 55.7%

Nose: Myayeyayey, Chocolate. Cherry liqueur chocolates and chocolate coated ginger lead the nose, followed by toasted hazelnuts and botrytis wine. After some time in glass, orange blossom honey flows from the glass, with the classic biscuit character of Blair Athol, almost like almond biscotti.

Palate: An awesome journey on the palate. Almond brittle and biscotti lead the palate, which evolves into fruit, like dried apricots, cranberry sauce and rockmelon. On the mid to back palate we get apricot danishes and botrytis wine again! So much fun!

Finish: Some of my favourite notes from the nose and palate come back, like apricot danishes, mango yoghurt and toasted hazelnuts.


  • Song: My Sharona
  • Album: Get The Knack
  • Artist: The Knack


Aird Mhor (Ardmore) “Free & Easy” 8 years old, ex-Laphroaig barrel, by Hideo Yamaoka/Elixir Distillers, 58.9%

Nose: Oyster shells and hot sand lead the nose, quite unique for an Ardmore! Salt soaked sandstone, and marshmallows take me back to camping in Bendalong as a kid. A touch of iced coffee and 90% dark chocolate come forward after time in glass.

Palate: We are met with quick, but explosive fruit character on the front palate before it turns into classic Ardmore. Strawberry jam and smashed banana before the iced coffee we got on the nose comes back around on the mid-palate. Coconut husk and coal smoke fill the palate followed by campfire damper and Illawarra plum.

Finish: Raspberry coulis and hot tar