Old Fashioned Week: At home with Woodford Reserve


An Old Fashioned tasting pack for Old Fashioned week.


For this years Old Fashioned week, Whisky and Alement has partnered with Woodford Reserve to provide you with a fun at-home Old Fashioned pack. To build these cocktails at home, all you have to do is grab your favourite glass, top it up with ice, open up your juice bag of Old Fashioned and pour the liquid over the ice, give the cocktail a little stir until your desired dilution level, add your garnish that we have provided, and enjoy!

Now for some notes on each Old Fashioned:

Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, green mango old fashioned, with dried mango garnish.

The idea behind this cocktail was to try bring out the tropical fruit notes in the straight bourbon, and as green mango isn’t as sweet as yellow mangos, it allowed the whisky to shine.

Woodford Reserve Straight Rye Whiskey, Moroccan preserved lemon, vanilla and pink peppercorn old fashioned, with a dried lemon garnish

As Woodford have produced such a classic rye whiskey, with huge amounts of spice, I was inspired to follow that road, which led me to remember a Moroccan desert I once had with Vanilla, preserved lemon and peppercorns. I have attempted to recreate this using local pink peppercorns which are extremely floral and resinous. I ended up having to distill pink peppercorn infused water to bring out the floral aspect and balance this against the huge preserved lemon character.

Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Straight Bourbon, chocolate, strawberry and hazelnut old fashioned, with a dark chocolate coated hazelnut wafer biscuit garnish

This one is fun, rich and fruit driven. with fresh strawberry, cacao and clarified hazelnut, which paired perfectly with the huge toasted oak character of this whiskey. please enjoy eating the wafer alongside your cocktail for a fun experience.