Nikka Whisky Company celebrates 100 years!

Two limited edition releases, two massive nights.


This year, Nikka Whisky celebrates the 100th wedding anniversary of Masataka Taketsuru and Jessie Roberta Cowen. In true, whisky-legend style, Masataka and Rita will have not one, but two Apple Brandy Wood finishes released in their honour: The Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood and The Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Wood.

Whisky & Alement and Nikka Whisky Co are proud to collaborate on two massive events that will bring you exclusive access to these limited-edition releases, plus tailored content straight from Nikka HQ. Taste and celebrate the story and history of Japanese whisky over two nights, with an exploration of Nikka’s crown jewels: Yoichi and Miyagikyo Distilleries.

Finished in casks that formerly held Apple Brandy for 28+ years, these limited-edition drams truly encapsulate the Nikka story and spirit, which all began, with an apple orchard on the isle of Hokkaido, Japan. 

Too much fun to squeeze into one evening! Set yourself up at home as Whisky & Alement will be joined by Kevin Griffin of Asahi and special guests from Nikka Distilling Co. to tell the story of the past 100 years, over two nights. You don’t want to miss out on this! Special guests from Japan, incredible whisky and cocktails – the celebration of 100 years of Masataka and Rita, and Nikka Distilling Co.

Click here for night #1: Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood Launch! August 26th 2020. Celebrating 100 Years of Nikka, Rita & Masetaka’s story, the beginnings of Dai Nippon Kaiju aka Nikka Whisky Co.

The flavour profile of Yoichi Distillery: Integrated subtle smoke and lemon zest, melon, toasted brioche, baking spices (nutmeg!)

Click here for night #2: Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Wood Launch! August 27th 2020. Celebrating 100 Years of Nikka, the home of the Coffey stills, malt & grain, blending, and innovation.

The flavour profile of Miyagikyo Distillery: So fruity! Oranges and floral notes, honey, fine tannins and toasted nuts

Please be advised: To hear the full story and taste both the Yoichi Apple Brandy Wood and Miyagikyo Apple Brandy Wood, you will need to book in for Part 1 and Part 2!


See you online soon,