Japan’s 2nd oldest independent bottler: Acorn Ltd.

The long awaited mid-year collection from Acorn Ltd has landed in Australia and a very limited number of bottles are now available for purchase.

Officially imported by Whisky and Alement’s importing arm Independent Whisky Company, Acorn Limited is Japan’s second oldest Independent bottler of Scotch whisky and released their first bottlings of Lagavulin and Port Ellen in 1999. Having over 20 years in the whisky industry specialising in maturation and selection, Mr. Tsuta has developed incredible style and a wealth of knowledge.

The August collection includes two Scottish single malts, an Irish single malt and a corn dominant American whiskey. Tasting packs are now available for those who would like to taste the full August collection and are limited to 22 packs.

Shop the new collection at www.thewhiskyset.whiskyandale.com.au/shop