Lockdown Whisky Flight: “Glam Drams!”


“Glam Drams!”

Break out your permed mullet for this throwback to Glam!


This week we break into the best of the Glam Rock from the 1970’s and 1980’s with some belting whiskies! With the theme being glam rock, I put my mind in 6th gear and spent days listening to my favourite glam bands, Mötley Crüe, Van Halen, Twisted Sister and, of course, KISS! We all need some Dr. Feelgood right now with everything going on, not many things bring the good feels like Glam, with the bright colours, tight pants, and permed hair. So enjoy these whiskies and dance like no-one is watching to these tracks!


Ben Nevis 7 year old by Thompson Brothers, 2013 vintage 50%

Nose: Who loves Ben Nevis? We all love Ben Nevis! Caramel popcorn and Geitost whey caramel lead us deeper into the glass, followed by creamed manuka honey and pork crackling. A touch of sulphur comes through, also with a bit of pencil shavings, although this note is quickly overwhelmed by butter menthols.

Palate: Beefy for sure. Yorkshire pudding with roast beef gravy, followed by some dulce de leche, and a bit of hot McDonalds chocolate fudge. Dries right out on the mid to back palate, becoming super nutty, like sesame honey coated peanuts and chicken wings cooked in butter.

Finish: Burnt buttered popcorn and brown sugar.



SMWS 4.259 “Honey Burner” 12 year old, 1st fill ex-Bourbon barrel finish 61.2%

Nose: Quite bright and fresh from the start, white grapefruit zest and jasmine, lavender honey follows up and salty sea air. Memories of opening cans of water chestnuts come along after time in glass.

Palate: Spearmint leaf lollies and honey on toast hit the front palate hard. Wild amounts of minerality on the mid and back palate, notes of slate and limestone. Apple tart tatin brings the beautiful sweetness we expect from this distillery.

Finish: Beeswax and limestone.


  • Song: Cold Gin
  • Album: KISS
  • Artist: KISS


Fleurieu “The Jabberwocky” peated single malt 52%

Nose: You know those whiskies that take you back to your childhood? Fleurieu is that for me. I am walking into my great-grandparents place, the smell of old furniture and roast pork woft through the house. I am then sitting on the balcony, playing cards with my great-grandmother while drinking milky English breakfast tea, sweetened with honey, and enjoying some ginger snap biscuits while the smell of the frangipani tree blooming beneath us fills the air.

Palate: Back to my great-grandparents house, with smashed banana on toast, the roast pork comes back, a bit of fresh ginger and…ovaltine? This whisky is super chewy and malty, it really is dinner and a show. After some time in the glass, the honey sweetened English breakfast tea comes back to the front palate. A belter.

Finish: Black pepper and pork crackling.



Bowmore Feis Ile 2016, American virgin oak & ex-Oloroso sherry casks 54.9%

Nose: Tropical BBQ, mango, rockmelon, and pineapple skewers wrapped in bacon, white ash and hot sand follow. A bit of roast pork and apple sauce come along after some time in glass.

Palate: Jarrah honey and honey baked ham lead the front palate, followed by dry bay leaves and pineapple skins. Mango nectar holds up the mid palate which dries out on the back to hot sauna coals and seaside slate fences.

Finish: Hot white ash on a red brick fireplace and strawberry jam.


  • Song: Dr. Feelgood
  • Album: Dr. Feelgood
  • Artist: Mötley Crüe


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